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My name is Harry Thomas and I love what I do. 

I started off in the fitness industry in 2007, running two successful gyms and a fitness education company where I trained people to become personal trainers and helped them enter the industry​.​

My current journey really began when I graduated as a coach a few years ago and it became magical when I started working with people at the end of life. 


People who have been told they are going to die only speak truth. Their truth. I heard so much truth and honesty that it made me take action, to hold up a mirror to face my own truths and discover my soul - this is where the label Soul Coach evolved from.

I work with clients one-on-one and in groups helping them bring awareness to every aspect of their being and allowing them to see how special and powerful they are. I have a big passion for words and bring awareness to how we cast spells on ourselves from the words we speak.

When we work on the level of the Soul, changes take place instantly and then my job is to help assist and integrate the new insights into our every day lives. Soul Coaching with me is a very unique experience and I would highly recommend experiencing a session to fully grasp what impact it will have on your life.

Why wait until we are ill or dying before we start taking action? Let us take the wisdom of people who have overcome these labels and truly innerstand the miracles that we are and enjoy every moment that this human experience has to offer.  


Life is beautiful once you know who you are.

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Donating allows me to keep sharing the truth and spreading light. Thank you.

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