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HARRYS Courses

The Soul Revive programs are very easy to do and have helped many change their lives

Learn more about who you are and start noticing all the changes that take place within your life


The key to life is a commitment to show up each day, It really is that simple,

Soul Revive -Foundation

The Soul Revive 30 Day program is a powerful Spiritual Course that will change your life forever

Every day show up for 25 minutes and start to notice what changes start taking place for you

This course will help everyone, where ever you are on your journey.

ONLY £99

SOUL REVIVE -  Expansion

The Soul Revive Expansion dives deeper into your spiritual practice

During this course, you will spend more time working through the many layers of the ego. From the labels, to the words, to being in control of your energy around others


This course will have more spiritual teachings taking you beyond the 5 senses and experiencing and understanding life in 5D/The Quantum Field. 

ONLY £99

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Check out one of my meditations and experience entering the kingdom of heaven within you

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