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frequently asked questions

If my soul has the answers, why do I need this course?

We often talk about an inner knowing, about how our soul really knows what we need and what's good for us, but how many of us know how to tune in and listen to it? This course will give you the tools and techniques to find that space and learn how to listen to your soul.

I have so many worries at the moment, is it the right time for me to do this?

This is exactly the right time. Modern life can be so overwhelming, there are far too many distractions and it is sometimes easier to ignore our gut instinct. All it takes though is one step in the right direction to get things moving and changing for the better.

how much can my life really change in one month?

Very quickly you will discover how to identify your ego and your soul which is the foundation for making soulful choices. Given the right tools and techniques you will be set up to continue on your journey to achieve your best self throughout your life.

but i already know how to meditate!

This is meditation on another level. You will be taken on an amazing journey, with unique playlists crafted to elevate the experience. The guided journey will break through the barriers and distractions to allow you to really benefit from the mind-body-soul connection.

What you can expect during SOUL REVIVe

Daily Prompts

Inspiration, affirmations, meditations, journalling prompts, playlists and more..

PDF Journal

Printable journal with prompts and inspiration to support your Soul Revival.


Guided meditations are used throughout the month to offer relaxation and promote. insight.

Community Support

The group is an open forum where you are encouraged to chat and support each other on your journey.

Structured Steps

Each week will have a different focus taking through body, mind

and soul.

Unlimited Access

The group will remain live for the year if you want to dip back in and enjoy any of the inspirations again.

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